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MicroDose Defense Products, LLC develops inhaled medical products meeting unmet needs for the U.S. military, civil defense, and anti-terrorism organizations.


MicroDose Defense Products, LLC (MDP) was formed in 2002 to develop, license, and market medical products that have specialized applications in front-line military, civil defense, and anti-terrorist activities and are sponsored by governments, public authorities, agencies, or charitable organizations. These products are to be based upon MicroDose’s proprietary dry powder inhaler technology.

MDP is owned 70% by MicroDose Therapeutx, Inc. and 30% by the MicroDose Military Group, LLC (MMG). MMG is a limited liability company.


MDP’s first product is a novel inhaled atropine delivery system to enable rapid systemic and pulmonary delivery of atropine sulfate as an antidote against nerve gas poisoning for the U.S. Department of Defense with secondary applications in Homeland Security. Atropine sulphate is a specific antidote for the treatment of poisoning from organophosphorus nerve agents. Preclinical work has been completed and an IND filed and open in anticipation of a Phase 1 study to be conducted at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the first half of 2009.

Chemical agents pose a considerable threat to the warfighter and potentially to other military personnel and civilians. The development of new antidote delivery systems is a crucial step in protecting personnel from these threats. Dry powder drug delivery through inhalation provides a means of delivering drugs to the bloodstream that rivals the speed of an intravenous injection. The development of this technology for atropine and potentially for other drugs with defense applications, offers a new means for defending against the ominous threat of chemical weapons.

To discuss collaboration opportunities with MDP, please contact:

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